Skill Share: History of beads, part 1 by Laurie

Laurie covered prehistory up to the Egyptian dynasties.  Part two will be in October.

Show and Tell:

I'm mixing the show and tell in with the material Laurie showed us in her presentation, due to laziness.  It is left as an exercise to the reader to decide which objects illustrated the history of beads and which are merely things members brought to share.  Mouse-over the image to see a short description and click for a bigger image.


This looks a bit like polymer clay's answer to dichroic glass.  Whether it is or not, I've got to try it!  8-)

From Polymer Clay Polyzine, way back in 2004, they're peeling the the shiny, holograph-y layer of a CD off and adhering it to polymer clay.  Wild, no?  It's not like there's a shortage of used CDs or DVDs here'bouts.


Various online craft tools exist, usually for colour planning or design generation. These are the ones I know about:


Cross Stitch Charts from photos
My Photo Stitch a free service that takes photos you upload and gives you a cross stitch chart using (last I checked) DMC colours


Turk's Head Cord length calculator
Turk's Head Knot designer
Globe Knot Core Calculator
Turk's Head Design Playground

Kumihimo Braiding

8 strand kongo gumi colour planner
16 strand kongo gumi colour planner
A colour planner for the 7-loop Spanish finger loop braid

I was wanting to get some inkjet shrink film and had gone to DeSerres but they only had the non-inkjet version. So, I checked with Opus and their nice online store where they had the inkjet version, but at 3 times the cost of the non-inkjet. So, I thought, give Michaels a shot.

You'll notice that I didn't start with Michaels because it is my unverified belief that they price all their products to give them a healthy profit even when using the regularly available 40% off coupon. In my humble (and unverified) opinion, this makes them evil so I try to give my business elsewhere whenever I can. But for $10, I thought, I can call them and check. That's what phones are for, right?

cover image for Intertwined
I just finished reading Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns, and Creative Spinning by Lexi Boeger of pluckyfluff and it is a wonderful, inspirational, gorgeous book. The author, Lexi, spins like she is a katamari, sticking anything from felted sushi to wire springs, shredded money, doll parts and hardware store detritus into her yarn.

The instructions warn the reader that you should have acquired the basics of yarn spinning on a wheel elsewhere and dive right into unconventional shenanigans.

Today I went to Fibres West. Part of Metro Vancouver (is that what they're calling the Greater Vancouver Regional District these days?) it was still a 45 minute drive from the eastern edge of Burnaby. At least there was free parking at the end of it. 8)

Friday, March 26th (10-8)
Saturday, March 27th (10-5), 2010
AgRec Building
Abbotsford Exhibition Park Grounds,
32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford, BC

Now, there used to be a show called Fibrefest International that was held close to the same place (the Tradex, I think) and apparently there still will be (see I would point you at their website, but it looks like someone missed the domain name renewal and squatters got it. I thought that the two shows were related, maybe run by the same people, but now I'm not sure anymore. Certainly the same subject matter is being covered, although no live animals at this one to the disappointment of the offspring.

Show season here'bouts has just begun. The next 2 months has at least 6 craft-ish shows I'm very interested in seeing. In fact, I missed one 2 weeks ago which at least my wallet thinks was a good thing. (I'm sure I signed up for a mailing list, did you send me any email? No. *a dark cloud of disgruntlement hangs over my head*)

In any case, today I went to the Canadian Bead Oasis Show, Vancouver 2010
MARCH 26-28 2010
Empire Landmark Hotel
Lower Level, Coal Harbour Room
1400 Robson St.
Vancouver BC Canada

Friday noon - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

Went Friday noon-ish. No problems finding street parking (meters).

fringy area of blue ombre scrumbled scarfruffly area of blue ombre scrumbled scarf From 0-5 in the life of my firstborn, I was working on her "baby blanket". It was a knitted blanket and I got the pattern from a dyeing book. I'm fascinated by dyed works, but don't always have the confidence to tackle them. So I decided that I'd knit this blanket with store bought yarn. It wouldn't be that hard to assemble a rainbow from the store would it? Ha!

The annual Bead and Button Show competition and exhibit, Bead Dreams 2009, submission deadline is fast approaching.

The deadline date for submissions is April 6, 2009.

The entry details are below, follow the link for full details:

1. Lampwork / Glass - New category for 2009!: This category will include beads, buttons, components, jewelry, or jewelry-related objects that are 85% or more glass made by the applicant. Entries that use someone else's glass beads or components should be entered in the Finished Jewelry category.

2. Polymer Clay: This category will include beads, buttons, components, jewelry, or jewelry-related objects that are 85% or more polymer clay.

3. Beaded Objects or Accessories: This category will include a non-jewelry item or accessory, including, but not limited to, purses, shoes, sculptures, or wall hangings.

4. Seed Bead Jewelry: This category will include beaded beads, a piece, or an ensemble of jewelry, that is predominantly seed beads or bugle beads, including, but not limited to, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

I'm a wannabe sewer and one of my thoughts is if I can just understand seams really well I'll be half-way there. I'm most likely wrong. 8)

Here's some seam links that I've collected though.

CraftStylish talks about 4 seams: Hong Kong finish, flat-fell seam, French seam, and pinked seam.