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So far it's just me (Carol in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada), although I have invited my bead group to blog with me if they like.

Like, I suspect, most of you, I cannot remember a time when I did not do crafts. I crocheted, I macraméd, I beaded, I embroidered, I cross stitched, I quilled, I knitted very poorly, etc, etc. Mom was crafty too, so often I was just tagging along. I remember the year mom took up rug hooking and bought tangled skeins for cheap because she was just going to cut it up into 3" (10cm) lengths for rug hooking anyways. Still, in order to feed it into the cutter, a continuous length would be more useful. She was amazing at untangling those masses of yarn.

More than 20 years after my last attempt went so poorly, I think I've finally figured out knitting. 5 years late, I gave my eldest her "baby" blanket. The other 2 are still waiting... I haven't tried cables, but I don't think I'd botch it completely if I did.

My main craft these days is Chinese Knotting and I have a separate blog just for that. But other crafts still interest me and if I blog about them, then they won't just sit in ever more tabs in my browser until it crashes. 8)

The crafty skill I'd most like to acquire is sewing. I have ideas for making my own (and kids) clothes that I don't have the confidence or experience to try. Maybe I can convince my mom to make them for me. 8) 8)