wire jug pouring blue beads Considering that he's only been at it a year, it's amazing the work he's done. (via)
wire dragon made using chainmail techniques


Franc Grom's eggs Nothing but hard work, artistic sensibility, a light touch and pure skill, eh? Franc Grom carves eggs into art with a hand drill. I wonder how many omelets he eats? (via)

heart shaped pompom How to instructions for how to make a heart shaped pompom.

sagemon I happened across this gorgeous picture in the photo gallery of Mainichi, a Japanese newspaper. Sadly there were no permalinks that I can find, so the link under the image will shortly be pointing to something else altogether.

The text that went with the photo is as follows:

Children look up at Sagemon, traditional ornaments for the Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival for girls on March 3) at the Kanpo-no-Yado hotel in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture. Sagemon is made of kimono cloth and local traditional decoration balls that have been handed down from the Edo Period.

knitted font A couple of "knitted" fonts from Hand Made Font (am I the only one who finds a price of €70 for a font astonishing?).

owl sweater So cute! I've never knitted cables, but this tempts me to learn... if I wore sweaters at all... (via Craftzine)


Gorgeous quilled artwork by Yulia Brodskaya via Craftzine.

Like any lifelong crafter I have tried many crafts. Quilling is one of them. Somewhere in my disorganized house is a quilling needle or 3 and a pack of quilling paper strips (or 2), although I don't think I actually have a quilling strip cutter (yet?).

Spinning wheels in general tend to very expensive. Apparently, powered spinning wheels are very, very expensive. But if you (or someone you know) have the DIY spirit, you too can have a nifty powered spinning device (wheel part no longer needed).

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