Oasis Bead Show Vancouver 2010

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Show season here'bouts has just begun. The next 2 months has at least 6 craft-ish shows I'm very interested in seeing. In fact, I missed one 2 weeks ago which at least my wallet thinks was a good thing. (I'm sure I signed up for a mailing list, did you send me any email? No. *a dark cloud of disgruntlement hangs over my head*)

In any case, today I went to the Canadian Bead Oasis Show, Vancouver 2010
MARCH 26-28 2010
Empire Landmark Hotel
Lower Level, Coal Harbour Room
1400 Robson St.
Vancouver BC Canada

Friday noon - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

Went Friday noon-ish. No problems finding street parking (meters).

I went just for the vendor room, because that's the kinda gal I am. $6 to get in for one day, $10 for all weekend (Ah! I just checked the website to verify that, and noticed that seniors are $3. I thought about that when I was paying (for me and mom) but didn't say anything. Could have saved $3. *sigh*)

It was small as these things go. Whole Bead which will be a month later has historically been more than twice as big (although not based on the current list on the site).

I started off reasonably well behaved resolving to scan the room first and price compare before buying until I came across an adorable lampworked glass sheep by Jan Parada of Killer Beeds. Things kinda went downhill self-control-wise from there. Next up, some partially frosted onyx disc beads, appealing to my sophisticated monochromatic self, from Universal Gems and Beads. I'm pretty sure Samrat doesn't remember that I had a booth right next to his 3 (4?) years ago at the Fraser Valley Bead Show.

Moving methodically around the room, next I came to Bedrock Supply Ltd. and got a Eurotool metal hole punch plier (what's sad about that link is that Eurotool itself only has PDF catalog pages, and Bedrock themselves have no picture for those particular pliers, *sigh*) I imagine hammering the ends of wire, punching holes in the paddle ends and then attaching dangles...

Turning around, I scanned NLM Glass Arts where I thought: I don't need regular beads, I have lots... Hey! Size 3/0 beads! The holes must be at last 2.5mm, maybe even 3!! The cord I could fit through there, and then there's this other project I'm thinking of and these other beads would be nice and ... Well, you know how it goes.

Lastly, I went back to ACC Bead where my magpie self picked up some blingtastic rhinestone balls and spacers.

Tomorrow, FIBRES WEST. See ya there! 8)

Friday, March 26th (10-8)
Saturday, March 27th (10-5), 2010
AgRec Building
Abbotsford Exhibition Park Grounds,
32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford, BC

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