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Presented by Doreen Cosgrove at the January and February 2004 meetings.
Pick your cab or glass blob you wish to bead around.

Start by threading on an even number of beads. I find a glass blob is 70 to 80 seeds.

Tie a knot in your thread to secure a ring.

You are starting to make the back 1/3 of the beaded cab cover

Next do 2-drop peyote stitch. Do this for 3 rounds.
The next round will bring the sides in and start to cover the back the next round is a one drop peyote stitch, meaning put on one seed pass through the last 2 just like the previous rounds of peyote.
At this point change to clear beads is desired make a few more rounds 2-drop the 1-drop till you feel the back is covered and the cab won't fall out. Tighten the thread.

Now thread up throughout the beads to the beginning round and start with more rounds of 2-drop peyote until you reach level with the top of the blob.

At this point you do a I drop peyote adding the 6/0 bead.
Run your thread through this hole round in order to give it a stable base to start using the 15/0.

Put the cab into place.

Now do 3 rounds of 2-drop peyote with you 15/0 seeds. And tie of tightly.

Tada you're done.

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