I don't know about you, but I much prefer to hold (fondle) and examine my purchases before I make them. Of course, this means in a shop or show. But, once I've determined that 10mm Swarovski Style #5010 in Montana AB is just the thing, then any fulfillment method will work.

As any Canuck who has tried mail order knows, it is much preferable to order from a Canadian source even if slightly more expensive due to trans-border duties, tariffs, levies, fees, brokers, etc, etc (OK, I exaggerate un peu, but "free trade", ha!).

Bead Stores

Jewelry and Lapidary Supply Stores

Integrity Pearls
was part of a quick emailed recommendation list of Cdn pearl sources. Never tried them, but they look interesting. Reviews from actual customers very welcome.

Button Stores

Lampworked Bead Supply Stores

Non-Standard Supply Stores

Canadian Tire (National Chain store)
Beaders have long haunted fishing tackle stores for supplies and even more since Fireline has been reported as one of the best stringing materials around. You can get it many places, but Canadian Tire has it as well as Spider Wire (that you might want to try as well). Don't forget to pickup some cheap pliers, wire cutters, and glue while you're there...
Lee Valley Tools (Coquitlam, Vancouver)
Officially a fine woodworking and gardening store, LVT is a treasure trove for any crafter. They carry a gamut of products from tools for small scale work, a wide range of glues and glue applicators, containers and organizing supplies, as well as safety gear. Wooden knobs and toy parts have also been known to be used for bead and tassel forms...

Book Stores

Chapters/Indigo (National Chain)
When you have a mega store, you have to stock some less than entirely mainstream books, because there's only so many copies of Harry Potter and the latest movie tie in thriller that you can fill your store with and not look stupid. So it is that Chapters/Indigo has a fairly decent selection of current craft and beading books. They may not make sure that they have a good stock of all the classics, but if what you're looking for just came out, you have a fair chance of finding it a one of their stores.
Golden Crown Bookstore (Chinatown, Vancouver)
159 E. Pender St, Vancouver, BC
p: 604-688-2282

Beads are hot all over the world, including Taiwan. Tucked in the back corner of this store is a good selection of books about all manner of crafts including beading, Chinese knotting, and how to make really cool things with bubble tea straws.

Iwase Books (Yaohan Mall, Richmond)
#2535-3700 No 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 3X2
p: 604-231-0717

A Japanese bookstore with a healthy craft section, especially beadwork. Beadwork is hot in Japan and not only do they regularly receive new bead books, they also get the Bead News magazine. They also carry what appear to be instructional videos for beadwork, but as I don't think the explanatory monologues in Japanese would be particularly helpful for me I have not tried them.

Mountain Gems (Burnaby)
See their entry in the Jewelry and Lapidary section.