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September 2012 FVB Meeting

Skill Share: History of beads, part 1 by Laurie

Laurie covered prehistory up to the Egyptian dynasties.  Part two will be in October.

Show and Tell:

I'm mixing the show and tell in with the material Laurie showed us in her presentation, due to laziness.  It is left as an exercise to the reader to decide which objects illustrated the history of beads and which are merely things members brought to share.  Mouse-over the image to see a short description and click for a bigger image.

Amethyst bracelet Amethyst pendant Amethyst chandelier earring Amethyst chandelier earring Amethyst necklace with silver pendant

Unfinished beaded lapis cab Bead bezeled carved shell cameo Stone pendants Stone cabochons Bead bezeled stone cabs

Lapis scarab faience scarab faience scarab back faience pendant

Lapis and silver necklace Lapis and silver earrings carved stone beads antique bead fragment antique bead

Turquoise and silver necklace carnelian necklace botswana agate necklace with quartz pendant faceted botswana agate necklace clasp detail quartz coin beads thumbnail

agate pendant thumbnail beads, charms, beadcaps and headpin angel glass pendants thumbnail bead bezeled rivoli pendant thumbnail

mobius ball pendant thumbnail silver wire earrings thumbnail chainmaile earrings thumbnail

gears for steampunkness thumbnail gears and watch movements for steampunkness thumbnail watch movements and gears for steampunkness thumbnail crochet and crown sinnet beaded ropes thumbnail

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