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Michaels: A customer service tale

I was wanting to get some inkjet shrink film and had gone to DeSerres but they only had the non-inkjet version. So, I checked with Opus and their nice online store where they had the inkjet version, but at 3 times the cost of the non-inkjet. So, I thought, give Michaels a shot.

You’ll notice that I didn’t start with Michaels because it is my unverified belief that they price all their products to give them a healthy profit even when using the regularly available 40% off coupon. In my humble (and unverified) opinion, this makes them evil so I try to give my business elsewhere whenever I can. But for $10, I thought, I can call them and check. That’s what phones are for, right?

After determining that there was no shop component on their websites to check prices, I found a phone number and called them up. Their voice menu lead me through hours and such until I got to the “talk to a person” option and picked it. The phone is allowed to ring 3 or 4 times before you are bounced back into the menu. I picked “talk to a person” 4-5 times before giving up. Later in the day I tried again with the same result. Today I tried again. This time I only had to pick “talk to a person” twice before I got an actual person. They took my request and presumably went somewhere to check, putting me on hold. Now, I was reading my RSS feeds and nattering with my offspring, home from school due to a cold, while listening to the hold soundtrack. This is to say I was distracted and not paying attention. When I realized that I had been on hold for over 40 minutes, I hung up.

Big thumbs down, Michaels. Opus, local shop that you are, I should have supported you from the beginning.

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