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I’m a wannabe sewer and one of my thoughts is if I can just understand seams really well I’ll be half-way there. I’m most likely wrong. 8)

Here’s some seam links that I’ve collected though.

CraftStylish talks about 4 seams: Hong Kong finish, flat-fell seam, French seam, and pinked seam.

Hoppo Bumpo is doing a weekly series about seams. So far she’s covered: Simple edge finishes, French, Bound, Flat fell, Taped (stabilised), and Overlocked seams.

Conductive Thread

Syuzi Pakhchyan blogs a conductive thread overview I have some idea for some tech textiles for figure skating for the offspring, but until I can find a rotational metering device that can handle at least 1080°/sec or better (without costing an arm and a leg!) that’s likely to remain just an idea for a very long time (via)

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