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Copyright and Crafting: What is Fair Use?

Posting of a craft made using images of the Beatles provokes an interesting discussion about copyright as applied to craft and fair use.

At the same time that big business is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (plus suing their customers), the grass-roots are fighting back by supporting creator’s rights and generating new content and software that they then make available for you to use, with your rights and theirs explicitly stated.

Remember, you cannot copyright an idea, only the expression of an idea.

Yarn Topiary

heart shaped pompom How to instructions for how to make a heart shaped pompom.

It’s yarn topiary! What a cool idea (via Craftzine).


sagemon I happened across this gorgeous picture in the photo gallery of Mainichi, a Japanese newspaper. Sadly there were no permalinks that I can find, so the link under the image will shortly be pointing to something else altogether. The text that went with the photo is as follows:
Children look up at Sagemon, traditional ornaments for the Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival for girls on March 3) at the Kanpo-no-Yado hotel in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture. Sagemon is made of kimono cloth and local traditional decoration balls that have been handed down from the Edo Period.
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Owl Sweater

owl sweater So cute! I’ve never knitted cables, but this tempts me to learn… if I wore sweaters at all… (via Craftzine)

About the sweater: About the pattern: The pattern:

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