Fibres West 2010

Today I went to Fibres West. Part of Metro Vancouver (is that what they’re calling the Greater Vancouver Regional District these days?) it was still a 45 minute drive from the eastern edge of Burnaby. At least there was free parking at the end of it. 8)

Friday, March 26th (10-8) Saturday, March 27th (10-5), 2010 AgRec Building Abbotsford Exhibition Park Grounds, 32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford, BC

Now, there used to be a show called Fibrefest International that was held close to the same place (the Tradex, I think) and apparently there still will be (see I would point you at their website, but it looks like someone missed the domain name renewal and squatters got it. I thought that the two shows were related, maybe run by the same people, but now I’m not sure anymore. Certainly the same subject matter is being covered, although no live animals at this one to the disappointment of the offspring.

When I told my mom yesterday where I was planning to go today, she was totally game to come (and most welcome company for the journey (for me trips of longer than about 20 mins are long generally to be avoided when possible) there and back). Especially since mom has a smallish hybrid versus our (theoretically efficient, but…) family minivan. The offspring were polled as to their interest in coming. Gameboy, as expected, had no interest. Just as well as he had homework. Junior totally wanted to come even though I warned her that live animals were only a possibility and not a promise. Tiger surprisingly didn’t want to come. As we were leaving I heard her asking to play WoW. Fine, be that way. 8)

The trip went smoothly, as might be expected at midday on a Saturday. Entry fee was more than yesterday’s bead show, but at least Junior was free and they offered the seniors rate to my mom outright. Seeing the short person with us, they mentioned the drop-in workshop for kids of all ages (felted beads, $6) which we went and had a look at before signing her up for. I checked in at the end of each row and got through the entire show but for one row before she lost interest/finished her necklace.

The show took up at most half of the floorspace in the AgRec building. The BC Gem Show (didn’t it used to be the Rock and Gem show?) coming up in 2 weeks has historically taken up the entire floorspace. Fibrefest International used to take up the entire floorspace at the Tradex. Still, there were more than enough vendors to clear out my wallet.

As per my usual pattern, I moved methodically up one row and back checking end rows only to the width of each perpendicular row. Seeing a niddy noddy for around $19, I decided that it was time to get one (although I did get the materials for building one with PVC pipe, but never did build it). Shopping around I found one for $16.95 or something like that, but indecision over how big a niddy noddy I really needed (or do I really need one at all?) combined with a line at the till make me abandon the idea. I still love looking at tools, and I would love to try cord making on a spinning wheel, but you don’t buy something like a spinning wheel to try a goofy experiment. I did rent the guild’s rental wheel for a while many moons ago, but for the month (or two?) that I had it, I never got around to trying my experiment. All the more reason not to buy such a thing, although I am totally trying to get DH to build me one of these. 8)

Which leaves yarn (no, despite being a Weavers and Spinners Guild member for… 7(?) years, I neither weave nor spin). First up was some blue/green sari silk yarn from The Silk Tree for $6. I had previously spotted some glorious blue/purple “shibori ribbon” from Total Texture kinda like this but still folded and beautiful blue on top and royal purple on the bottom, intense colour throughout. The price card and fallen down and under something else, so a nearby price sheet which turned out to be for something else entirely ($5 things) covered the fact that this ribbon was in fact $20/m. For a pretty thing that I had no idea what I was going to do with it… too steep.

I then picked up a skein of Seduce (shiny!) and a skein of Origami (the texture, the colourfulness of it all! must learn to use sewing machine to embellish cords!!) from Stitches.

Lastly, I got 2 balls of bambu 7. One solid black, and one variegated black and white. I want to try to make something like an ikat braid. We’ll see how the repeats line up.

Mom didn’t get anything except some sheep buttons for Junior. She was disappointed that there were no live animals, but happy with her buttons.

Picked up some fliers for 2010 Fibre Week at Olds College, Olds, AB (June 25-July 2) and Interlacement a symposium celebrating the guild’s 75th anniversary at Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC (May 17-23, 2010).

Gas was 13 cents cheaper per litre out in Abbotsford than Vancouver/Burnaby, so we topped off the tank and headed home just in time to pickup Tiger and get the girls to their dance class. When I got to the rec centre, I discovered that the Middle Eastern Dance Association was having their Grande Bazaar. Tempting, but after all the entrance fees I had been paying lately, plus the fact that I’m not dancing anymore (but, but: shiny, jingly, colourful pretties!) I decided against. Maybe I’ll change my mind and go tomorrow. Maybe I’ll take up belly dancing again…?

Next up:

BC GEM SHOW April 9, 10 & 11, 2010 Ag-Rec Building, Central Fraser Valley Fairgrounds, 32470 - Haida Drive, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

* Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
* Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
* Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Admission: Adults - $6.00, Students (6 - 17) - $2.00, Under 6 (accompanied by an adult) - Free

See you there!